Register YES or NO?


When I ask myself whether to register for a project or not, I can answer it in several different ways. For the ignorant, the first encounter with a Crowd-type project is associated with concerns about whether this may work at all, isn't it a scam? Or another dull one: this is a guaranteed plane. Of course, these views are supported by various reviews on the Internet, whether biased or written out of ignorance and not explaining all the facts. It is up to everyone to answer these questions to the best of their ability and conscience. If you're a hesitant shooter who likes to talk about opportunities, but haven't grabbed any of his life all his life, it's probably not for you. If you want to brag to your friends like you haven't flown in, don't register either, at [...]

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Daily increase in members of the global network


To monitor and evaluate simulations of the number of points from the Streamline bonus and to estimate what my increase in C1Rewards points will be, I started tracking the daily increments of the number of members of the worldwide network registered after me. I always record the number in the evening around 7 pm so that the information is relevant. I write the results in a table in Excel and once a week I plan to present the graph here on the web. So far, my estimate differs in my favor due to reality, almost double the estimate, which I attribute to the ongoing preferential registration event. With the end of July 3, 2020, the number of new members for preferential registrations rose sharply, as can be seen from the graph. After that, the pace slowed down, but [...]

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Crowd1 yield simulation


Because I like the things planned, I created a simulation of the proceeds from the Crowd1 project based on previous experience. The simulation is based on the announced exchange rate on June 15, 2020, which was 0.001. For many, it was disappointing, but the company showed that the distribution of profits is transparent. I used the following input parameters for the simulation. Maximum use of the Streamline bonus, ie. 15 members of Titan in the direct line, 10,000,000 members registered worldwide after me. According to the number of worldwide member registrations, I am expected to reach 10,000,000 sometime in March 2021. To do this, I will adjust the gradual registration of members so that the Streamline bonus can be used to the maximum. The weekly reward from the Streamline bonus also corresponds to the growth of the membership [...]

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The next limit of the number of members is exceeded


This week, the 6,250,000 registered members of The Crowd1 project were surpassed. The information took place on the company's official Twitter feed. This week, 6,500,000 members are expected to cross the border.

The next limit of the number of members is exceeded2020-07-21T20:35:12+00:00

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