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We are a group of people who participated in the Crowd1 project because they believe in the future of digital technologies and the idea of passive income. With age after fifty, something ends once and new ones begin. We do not want to retire and remain inactive. One learns all one's life, and after leaving the school gates, we quickly realized that true learning only begins in confrontation with the reality of everyday life. We are a generation that has experienced what our children no longer know. In the work process under the old regime, after the Velvet Revolution and now in the market economy, it is our effort to assert ourselves. Our children from the new generation "Y" and "Z" are unlikely to reach retirement, because according to demographic development, there will be one worker for two pensioners in 30 years. Therefore, we will try to provide our children and grandchildren with a passive income, with your help it will be much faster, join us.  You must also have children. We are serious and follow the rules of the "old school".  You can watch how we do it on these pages and especially active members in the member section at https://teamcsm.cz.

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The answer is simple. I get almost nothing. To demonstrate the returns, it is possible to use a simulation where a member buys a basic "White" package, gets 90 points in C1 Rewards and generates 1.25 BP (business points) each week from the Streamline bonus, for which they exchange points at a rate that is once announced in three months based on the company's economic results. The odds announced on June 15, 2020 were 0.001, meaning that points scored by C1 Rewards are multiplied by that odds.

See the picture for more details. With a 10% increase in the C1R exchange rate, it has about 2.5 Euros per month after 4 years. And doing nothing pays off?

What do I get when I work?

I'll be honest, Earn's earnings are in the early stages of a networking project. For member registration you get points in the binary bonus, for basic White registration you get 90 points. For the possibility of commissions, it is necessary to have one member registered on the right and left branches (legs). In the account settings, ie. under your username, click on Settings, the settings window will open and here you will switch to the "Member placement" tab, where you will switch the registration to the left foot (Left) or the right (Right). All new members will register for the branch you are currently set to. Watch the points in each branch. The ideal ratio is 0 = 0. So you have the maximum binary bonus used. Points are paired in the ratio:

1: 1 => 90b + 90b => 180 BP = 180/10 = your commission 18 Eur

1: 2 => 90b + 2x90b => 270 BP = 270/10 = your commission 27 Eur

1: 3 => 90b + 3x90b => 360 BP = 360/10 = your commission 36 Eur

Points are also accrued from registrations made by your registered members in your network, so sometimes it happens that the commissions go, you don't even know where. Fortunately, all movements and transactions are recorded in the "Earnings & Payouts" section. Therefore, it is important to monitor the individual branches and, if possible, keep them in balance in points.

Further earnings await you in the streamline bonus, where depending on the number of members you are entitled to a certain number of BP (business points), which you claim each week – you confirm. Once every three months, these accumulated points are multiplied by the exchange rate and the reward in BP will be credited to your Crowd account.

I describe more in the following link: https://crowd-1.cz/bonusy/

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The registration procedure is simple even for a beginner. In addition, the site can be switched to Czech, it is ideal to use a browser from Google – Chrome or the new Edge from Microsoft. I recommend working in the English version of the site, because the translator has the names. If you register with a link provided by someone, the sponsor's name is already listed here. You start by filling in a username, if there is already a name with the same name in the system, it will automatically notify you and you must select another variant of the name. Then you enter your residence details, here I recommend entering in the same way as you stated in the identity documents, because it is necessary for later verification of the account, you must comply with the information provided with the information on the identity document. It is necessary to enter a valid email, which you will receive, for example. possibility to change password or confirmation for payouts. After filling in the data, click on the 'register' button and the package selection will pop up. You choose a package, usually everyone chooses the most necessary base "White". Now you have to pay for the package. There are several options. The first is to help Bitcoin currency, the second to help Etherea, the third via Gift code (I recommend), then from your account – but you do not have it charged, balance = 0 Eur, so it will not work and the last option is to choose by transfer within the EU to the recipient's account. By clicking on this option, you will receive payment instructions; it is important to enter your username in the payment reference so that the payment is correctly matched. SEPA cashless transfer takes 2 working days, the money usually appears on the account after 5 pm. Here is one pitfall that I have noticed in many newcomers. They enter a payment and wait for their account to be activated automatically. But it is not so. You must check the next day to see if your money has been credited, and if so, re-select the package and enter the payment from your account. I made this mistake myself and waited a week for the account to be activated 🙂

In the next part I will describe the payment by GIFT code (Gift code).

Payment with GIFT code is quick and easy. The account is activated immediately. What is needed for this? First of all, you need a GIFT code that someone will provide you with. Usually it's the sponsor who brought you to the project and if he doesn't have it, he knows where to get it. On Facebook to support the "Crowd CZ / SK" project, GIFT codes are offered for sale by some members. For the "GIFT" payment, it is necessary to obtain the code that you enter after clicking on the "GIFT" payment option. A window will pop up in which you enter the code and confirm (usually it is necessary to confirm twice). The account is registered immediately.

Registration must be completed by "Accepting the terms and conditions" via the "Aprove" button and verifying the member and his identity. This is necessary for any payout or withdrawal. Verification is performed in the account, where after scrolling to the top right of your username, select the "Settings" tab from the list and check the data entered during registration. They should match the information on the ID that you will need to upload. It is also necessary to add the date of birth and contact phone. After saving the data on the "Save" button, it is no longer possible to correct the data. For further verification, prepare an identity card, usually an identity card, which must be colored on both sides, all four corners must be visible and there must be no unwanted reflections. If the photo does not meet the parameters, a new one must be taken. I recommend blackening the birth number and ID card number in the painting program. I have verified that the documents modified in this way have been accepted. Next, prepare your color selfie photo, without a head covering, without glasses, best adjusted to an aspect ratio of 7: 5. If you have everything ready on your computer, click on the Upload KYC tab and upload the files prepared in this way to your account using the Upload selfie, Upload front ID and Upload back_ID buttons. If everything is uploaded correctly, 'uploaded' is written in the field. If not, it will pop up under the windows error _… message that there is something wrong with the photo. You can also upload a passport or driver's license (Driver license), the choice is up to you, which you prefer. After about two days, the account is verified and approved. KYC stands for "Know Your Customer".

Here is a brief procedure and instructions on how to withdraw money for a bitcoin wallet. First of all, you have to own a wallet. It's not a problem to buy it, it's a matter of a few minutes. There are many instructions and applications on the Internet. Personally, I use the Mycelium in my phone and as an external (hardware wallet) Safe. The safe is a Czech product, you can buy e.g. on Alza.cz and will come out in the basic version at an acceptable CZK 1,500. Its security lies in the fact that hackers cannot get to your bitcoins, unlike a mobile phone, whose security is underestimated by many users. But you could write about bitcoin wallets for a long time …

If you have a wallet, you will generate a bitcoin address in the 'Accept' tab, which you will need to enter in the appropriate form in Crowd1.

The generated address looks like this, I deleted part of it, but it doesn't matter:

Once you get the bitcoin address for the transfer, you'll move to your Crowd1 account. Click on the WITHDRAW BITCOIN option under your username in the tab:

This will take you to the withdrawal page after clicking, where you can set how many Euros you want to withdraw.  Attention, the selection is entered in BP (business points) and it holds that 10 BP = 1 €. Withdrawals are possible from 20 Euros and up (200 BP), so if you have less there, you will probably not succeed. I chose the 500 € (5000BP) selection as an example. Of course, you must have these funds in your account, ie. earn them. In the appropriate field, enter the bitcoin address that you generated and copied to your PC so that you do not have to list it complicatedly. Confirm with the 'Request withdrawal' button. A green notification will pop up to you that a confirmation email has been sent to you.

Now go to your email and find the confirmation email. It contains the code for confirming the transaction. If you can't find it, check the folders such as 'SPAM', 'Bulk', etc. It often falls there.

open message:

now enter the code in the code confirmation box and confirm:

After confirmation, you will see that the transaction is waiting to be executed ('Waiting'). The process takes about 7 days. After crediting, the money will appear in your account in the bitcoin wallet.

Selecting by bank transfer is easy, but due to the length of the transfer, which is more than 30 days, I do not recommend it. For example, I present my own selection, the procedure for making it, and finally, for distrustful people, I will enclose an account statement. I will do it only once and for illustration purposes, I will not deal with this transfer further. The company is reportedly working to speed up transfers, but with such a sharp increase in the membership base, this may be a problem in the future.

To withdraw money, you must have 1000 or more BP in your account (ie 100 Eur). In the settings under your username, click on "WITHDRAW TO BANK"

A form will open for you to enter a selection to fill out. You enter the amount in business points (BP), it is valid that 1 Euro = 10 BP. The account number is filled in in the international IBAN format and it is necessary to know the SWIFT code of your bank. You will find this information in your bank account.

After filling in, the button below the form will turn blue and you can confirm your selection. This will be shown in the transaction history. I understand some data for obvious reasons.

And after about 30 days of waiting, the money landed on the account … Payment was made on 4.6.2020 and arrived on 6.7.2020 (I KNOW, THERE WERE PUBLIC HOLIDAYS …)

and detail of the statement …

Details of the transaction can be found in the section "EARNINGS & PAYMOUTS, where there are records of all transactions you perform on the account. These are incoming payments, commission business points from the binary + matching bonus and withdrawals.

a detail …

That would probably be all there is to withdraw money by transferring to an account. Questions are also handled by the Facebook community.

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