Here you will find an overview of the individual bonuses that Crowd1 offers to its members. The findings are being refined. You can find a more detailed description of the project and bonuses in the videos on youtube in the Patrik Kudláč channel.

Bonus for quick registration

(Fear of loss)

The bonus is translated by Google as "fear of loss". If you get 4 members to your team within 14 days after registration, you can get a quick bonus according to the type of their membership – see the table. The rewards are really interesting, so I recommend not to waste this bonus and after registering for the project to clarify what people you would address. If you register 4 members for the Titan position (4 x 2499 Euros), you will receive 31,150 BP (Business Points), which corresponds to 3,150 Euros after the transfer. If you register members with the basic White package, you will receive 125 Euros. For four personally registered members, you will also receive position No. 1 in the Matching bonus, which is a 10% bonus commission from direct members after matching points in the binary bonus. If you go smart, you will make one registration, e.g. on the left side and three more registrations on the right side and from the binary bonus you get 360 points, which corresponds to a commission of 36 €. More about pairing commissions in a binary bonus here.

Award rules:


BP = business points (10 BP = 1 Euro)

After registration, a 14-day timer will start

  • You have to pay for the package. If you do not have a package, instead of a bonus, you will get your own White Education Package or White Education Package without BP
  • The amount you will receive for paid member registrations is:
    • 31,500 BP, for 4 fully paid titanium packages
    • 10,050 BP, for 4 fully paid gold packages
    • 3,750 BP, for 4 fully paid black packages
    • 1,250 BP, for 4 fully paid white packages
  • If you register package combinations or upgrade existing packages, for each of the 4 packages, you will receive 31.5% of four times the amount paid for the package that has the fourth highest value.

Example 1:

  • 2 fully paid black packages and 2 fully paid white packages, a smaller bonus will be paid, in this example it is 1,250 BP and you are eligible to receive the "Fear of Loss" bonus

Example 2:

  • 3 fully paid titanium packages and one titanium that was paid for from 5,990 BP (1 fully paid white package generating 990 BP plus a free upgrade to a black package plus a paid upgrade to a gold package generating 5,000 BP plus a free upgrade to a titanium package). In this example, you get 7,550 BP (4 x 5,990 = 23960 x 31.5% = 7550)

This means that only the amount that has been paid in full entitles you to the "Fear of Loss" bonus. If parts of the educational packages have been paid for with gift vouchers without BP or have been obtained by a free update, these packages do not qualify you for the "Fear of Loss" bonus.

This bonus is designed to get your network up and running quickly and therefore motivates you a lot. You have 14 days to apply it.

Streamline bonus

Bonus from the worldwide network, which must be confirmed weekly. It works as follows. It takes into account the type of membership, the type of membership of people who are in a direct line below you, ie. that you have registered and the number of members worldwide registered after you. Depending on the type of membership, the number of members and the number of registered members worldwide, you will deduct your weekly bonus in BP (business points) in the table. Your current position is highlighted in blue, your options according to the number of members, growth in the world are highlighted in black. You must confirm the points from the Streamline bonus once a week, the confirmation button always appears every Wednesday. After confirmation, the points are loaded into C1 Rewards. Points in C1 Rewards are accumulated cumulatively and once every 3 months they are multiplied by the rate announced by the company based on economic results and the result in Euros can be transferred to your Account Balance account in the Back office (your personal account page in Crowd1, which you get after registration to the project). Money can be transferred to a bitcoin wallet (from 20 Euros and up) or by transfer to an account (from 100 Euros and up). The exchange rate announced on 15.6.2020 was 0.001 and it is assumed that it will only increase. But I can't confirm that, it was the first announcement. The announcement dates are listed in the "News" section of your Back office.

Streamline bonus

To add: the exchange rate on September 15, 2020 was 0.0014836 after my conversion (some members on FB state higher numbers, but it worked out for me like this). Compared to the exchange rate from the past, the increase is over 48%! I recommend using the maximum C1 Rewardds from the streamline bonus – that means bringing in new members, because the exchange rate should only increase, it should not fall, as I was informed. This is good news for the future!

Long – term residual income

(Long Term Residual Income)

this bonus is paid monthly on 15. days and depends on your position in the "Network level" that you have reached. The position depends on the number of points you get from the binary bonus, ie. points for registering people below you (in your network line). According to the gain of points, you gradually move along the line from Team manager – Coordinator-Manager – Director – President – Senior president – Ambassador. Each position is assigned a corresponding "Pool" level, where the amount that is distributed and from which commissions are paid is set. The table where your current position is ranked based on point gain will tell you more.


Monthly bonuses in basic positions are not high, but over time it is possible to work out. A table of the last rewards in May is attached.

To compare the key to the payment of remuneration, I enclose a table with an example of the distribution of profits into individual levels (Pools), of which there are 21.

Binary bonus

(Binary bonus)


This is probably the most interesting bonus for members who have decided to build their network by selling educational packages. To pay it, you must have registered at least one member in the left and one member in the right branch (line, team, leg, etc.) …) The essence of the binary bonus is that the points you have in the left and right branches are called. zero, which means that you still have zero in one of the branches, or up to 90 points. The points are paired in a ratio of 1: 1, 1: 2.1: 3.

It should be noted that bonus points are already credited to a member who is registered but has not yet purchased a package.

Points are loaded according to the type of registration, or package upgrade.

When you register a member and purchase a training package, you can place your sponsored / recommended member on your left or right team. Each training package sold will give you a certain number of binary points ("BP"), which you can see in the back office. The number of BPs for which you will be rewarded depends on the type of package that the registered member buys. For each package purchased, the new member will also receive C1 Rewards points, which are calculated from the ownership right stated on the package. It is set that 1 C1R = 2 Euros (the more expensive the package, the more points, the greater the share of the profit from Crowd1).

Example: White package = 100 Eur property rights = 50 C1R points

The following BP will be credited to you for:

1 white package sold for 99 EUR = 90 BP, registered member will receive 50 points to C1Rewards

1 black package sold for 299 EUR = 270 BP, a registered member will receive 150 points to C1Rewards

1 gold package sold for 799 EUR = 720 BP, the registered member will receive 500 points to C1Rewards

1 titanium package sold for 2,499 EUR = 2,250 BP, a registered member will receive 1,750 points for C1Rewards

You will receive BP binary points to your Points Right and Points Left, where your BPs are automatically matched according to the ratio that is most advantageous to the value in euros and this will be credited to the Account balance.

The number of BPs for which you are rewarded is based on the number of direct or indirect sponsored members who purchase the training package and is not claimed back in accordance with Crowd1's refund policy or is temporarily suspended until the cooling off period has elapsed. In the event of any chargeback, refund or other refund for a purchased BP that is returned to a particular member, you agree that Crowd1 will deduct any reward that has been credited to your BP account or value account.

Only points in the balance between your right and left team are subject to BP generation, which can be exchanged for monetary value in your Account balance, which can later be used for upgrades, purchase of gift certificates and / or withdrawals using supported withdrawals. account, by transfer to a bitcoin wallet). At least 25% of the BPs to be exchanged are required to come from one of the two parts in the binary system.

Points are paired in the ratio:

1: 1 => 90b + 90b => 180 BP = 180/10 = your commission = 18 Eur

1: 2 => 90b + 2 x 90b => 270 BP = 270/10 = your commission = 27 Eur

1: 3 => 90b + 3 x 90b => 360 BP = 360/10 = your commission = 36 Eur

Points are also accrued from registrations made by your registered members in your network, so sometimes it happens that the commissions go, you don't even know where. Fortunately, all movements and transactions are recorded in the "Earnings & Payouts" section.

You can set which side the members will register for in your account in the "back office", by hovering the mouse over your username the menu will open, select Settings, then switch to the Member placement tab. and select the desired side (Left = Right). Be careful when switching to Czech, google translator truncated names 🙂

Binary bonus 1: 1
Binary bonus 1: 2
Binary bonus 1: 3

Bonus for the sale of educational packages

According to the table below, in combination with differently purchased packages and according to the ratio of points between the left and right branches, you can derive the amount of your reward from the binary bonus. The tables below show the old version, where the data is directly in Euros, and the current new version, where everything is calculated via BP. It is true that 10 BP = 1 Euro. With some members "sitting" on points on their "strong leg", the company has now introduced an expiration date for these points. When points are accumulated on a "strong leg" and there is no pairing cycle of these binary points, they expire 5 month after the month in which they were earned.

For example:

Points earned 14. July 2020, which have not been used, will expire on 13 January 2021. Points earned on August 5, 2020 expire 4. February 20

Matching bonus

This bonus pays you a commission from registrations in the network below you up to the fifth level, the commission is always 10% of the member's payment for the package. More is clear from the attached table. The payout depends on your level of registered members and the type of your membership. The maximum is 5 x 10% in the case of titanium membership and registration of 20 direct members.

For illustration, I will give examples:

your membership White – you have registered 4 members – bonus 10% (from a member in a direct line below you)

your Black membership – you have 8 members registered – bonus 10% + 10% (from a member in the direct line and from a member registered under it)

your Black membership – you have 12 registered members – bonus 10% + 10% + 10% (from a member in a straight line and from 2 lines below it)

your Gold membership – you have 16 registered members – bonus 10% + 10% + 10% + 10% (from a member in a straight line and from 3 lines below it)

your Titan membership – you have 20 registered members – bonus 10% + 10% + 10% + 10% + 10% (from a member in a straight line and from 4 lines below it)


How to make money in Crowd1?

Crowd1 is still in the pre-launch phase and currently has 7 branches, Crowd1 magazine, along with its members the Grithub training packages, LifeTRNDS, SAFER, Miggster, Affilgo, Epic Lotto and Tribute applications. During 2020, it is trying to have 10 branches by the end of this year. This is very interesting for us as members because it will result in more income for Crowd1, ie. for members.

Every time someone buys a lotto ticket, bets online, plays online or joins a new member, everyone benefits from it. All the profits go to one huge pool. It is then divided as follows.

1. 20% goes to Crowd1, for operating costs.

2. 40% goes to members for our monthly residual residual income payments. At the end of each month, monthly residual income payments are "closed". This means that regardless of the level of the network at the end of each month, the position of the pool determines from which level the pool will be paid out on the 15th of the following month.

3. 40% also goes to our members. This goes into our quarterly dividend payments. Every 3 months they are paid out and the last 3 months 40% of the quarterly payouts are put into the larger pool. As members, we are paid a dividend from the company from this larger fund, these funds are multiplied by the exchange rate determined by the company on the basis of economic results. These dividend payments are based on and processed according to the total number of Crowd1 bonus points at the end of the month running before the date of the quarterly payment month. (For example: Crowd1 points accumulated by May 30, are points that will be used to pay a dividend if the quarterly payout is June 15)

With all the new affiliates joining and the company still evolving, it is now even easier for all Crowd1 members to make money through Crowd1 and its affiliates.


I will use LifeTRNDS (for this example).

All Crowd1 members now have access to LifeTRNDS, giving us the ability to generate savings and recommend LifeTRNDS to others. Anyone who can now sign up for free on Crowd1 without having to purchase an educational package will get access to LifeTRNDS. After entering, he can then register for LifeTRNDS. We call these members "Starters" and will have access to LifeTRNDS through the Crowd1 network and will be able to book their dream vacation using LifeTRNDS.


15% Customer sales bonus

When you are a paid member of Crowd1, you recommend LifeTRNDS to someone and they register for LifeTRNDS through the Crowd1 network and then make a reservation, you as a paid member of Crowd1 will be entitled to a 15% commission on this profit. The sales bonus for the customer is paid in the month after Crowd1 receives the commission from the third party supplier. (After payment at the hotel, destination,…)

25% Active user

When a paid Crowd1 member uses LifeTRNDS to make a self-booking, they qualify for a commission generated from 25% of the active user pool. During each quarter, all commissions collected from the active user pool will be pooled into a larger pool, which will then be distributed to members who have used the product or service during those 3 months. Keep in mind that in order to qualify for this fund, you must personally use this product or service at least quarterly as a paid member. The payout of the active users' fund will follow one month after the end of the quarter.

The remaining 60% will go to the total Crowd1 profit-sharing funds, which will be distributed 40%, 40%, 20% according to the chart below, which will be used for the company's operating costs, monthly residual income and quarterly dividends.


All members who register and join Crowd1 for FREE (Starters) to use these products or services will not be able to use any other bonus structures in Crowd1 as a free member. However, they will be able to register members under them. If they are able to register 4 paid members within 14 days, they will be entitled to the "Fear of Loss" bonus, where the company will give them a gift voucher / gift code to become a paid member. Only then will they be able to benefit from all the different bonuses and income platforms.