When I ask myself whether to register for a project or not, I can answer it in several different ways. For the ignorant, the first encounter with a Crowd-type project is associated with concerns about whether this may work at all, isn't it a scam? Or another dull one: this is a guaranteed plane. Of course, these views are supported by various reviews on the Internet, whether biased or written out of ignorance and not explaining all the facts. It is up to everyone to answer these questions to the best of their ability and conscience. If you're a hesitant shooter who likes to talk about opportunities, but haven't grabbed any of his life all his life, it's probably not for you. If you want to brag to your friends like you haven't flown in, don't register either, at least you'll have something to talk about and you'll be telling the truth. You won't fly.

For those who choose to enter, the motivation may be different. They can set a goal they want to achieve, and most of the time they succeed. It can also be a reason to present that I am "in" because I am part of a project (even if I do not earn anything). It can be speculation like I'll wait to see how it develops. The only thing they will gain with such tactics is that they will not run out of time, because the number of members registered after them worldwide is growing. It should be noted that the number of people in the world has its limits and the growth rate of 55-60,000 registrations per day, as is currently the case (6/2020) will not be forever. Then you can choose the right tactic based on the number of registered members in Streamline. If there are more than 4,000,000, which will most likely be after 2 years, you will need to register 15 members in the Titan position for maximum efficiency. One Titan registration costs 2499 Euros, so count it. Therefore, it pays to work immediately as long as the company is in the pre-launch stage (before entering the market) and the registration is supported by various bonus promotions. At present, the position of Titan can be promoted for 599 Euros. That's for consideration, it probably won't work later. How to achieve ? Simply. You will register in the basic White package for 99 Euros and as part of the bonus promotion, the system will assign you a Black membership for 299 Euros. You can also buy an upgrade package for 500 Euros from Black to Gold and as part of the bonus promotion you will advance to the Titan position, for which you would otherwise pay 2499 Euros. You can calculate the savings yourself. The event is limited in time and lasts until 3.7.2020. In addition, you will receive C1 Rewards points as a reward for registration. For White 90 and for Gold 450 points. No one will take them from you and you get more rewards from them quarterly. I know the last course wasn't much, but what do you want from a company that doesn't yet generate profits from major products? Whoever waits, will see, says a well-known proverb. The Crowd1 project is not for the impatient and for people who believe in miraculous enrichment. It is also not for the hesitant and for people with an unclear idea, which later meets unfulfilled expectations. Everywhere in personal development training, "you want action", "step on the right foot", or slogans like "change your life", "it's up to you" and so on. In part, they are right, but it should be noted that a statistically significant part of the population will never go into action and never change their lives. I could write about it for a long time, but if you are the type who has fallen countless times in his life and got back on his feet, then here you finally have a chance to succeed. I succeeded and I work in a field that has nothing to do with online marketing.Now, after a month, you can see my result on the attached screen. So yes, it's up to you. Who does not want to look for excuses, who wants to look for a way. 99 Euro a lot of people smoke in 3 weeks or spend in a pub. Or try to change something.

This image shows the weekly Streamline bonus. More about bonuses HERE. Please note that this is not a weekly profit in Euros, but a bonus that I claim once a week and exchange for points in C1Rewards. The exchange is 1 point for 2 Euros, ie. 750/2 = 375 points currently per week. These points are then multiplied once every three months by the current exchange rate and the earnings in Euro are transferred to the Crowd1 account. Because I want to compare expectations with reality, I created a simple simulation that you can follow with me on an ongoing basis. It's a long run, a five-year run. But we know and remember that birth well before.

During the regular confirmation of points on Wednesday, July 1, 2020, I was careful how many points would be credited. I admit I didn't watch it that much. I was surprised that instead of 375 points, 405 appeared there. I attribute this to the fact that if the level changed during the week, a proportional part of the points for the days when the increase occurred was added here. Or is it because I confirmed the points a day later? I'll take care of it and update this post again in a week.