To monitor and evaluate simulations of the number of points from the Streamline bonus and to estimate what my increase in C1Rewards points will be, I started tracking the daily increments of the number of members of the worldwide network registered after me. I always record the number in the evening around 7 pm so that the information is relevant. I write the results in a table in Excel and once a week I plan to present the graph here on the web. So far, my estimate differs in my favor due to reality, almost double the estimate, which I attribute to the ongoing preferential registration event. With the end of July 3, 2020, the number of new members for preferential registrations rose sharply, as can be seen from the graph. After that, the pace slowed down, but with the arrival of the Life TRNDS product, for the registration of which everyone who registered received a Gift Code for free registration, the number of members from July 25, 2020 is growing again. as of August 3, 2020, there is a sharp increase in registrations when members started applying codes for free, supported in addition by Epic promotion, when a package of a higher level can be obtained for a purchased upgrade.