If you managed to register via the link in Crowd1 to the Life TRNDS reservation system, you should see your name at the top right of the page. There is now a warning in the Crowd1 account in the News section that members do not misuse holiday registrations in order to gain benefits in a fraudulent manner. I think there's been some cunning. Anyone who misuses fake registrations for personal gain will be terminated. Enough of the scaremongering.  After registration, you should be activated in the Gift Code section with a bonus code of 99 Euros valid for 100 hours. You may get an email to confirm before it's activated. Take advantage of it and don't let it fail!

For those planning a holiday I chose a few destinations, it is sorted by the biggest discounts, room for 2 people, length of stay 1 day, or. 1 week, the parameters each set on the site at their discretion. I add a few screens from destinations I have selected at random: Czech – Giant Mountains, Šumava, Paris, London, New Zealand, Croatia. If you're interested in it, you'll find your "your" destination in the Life TRNDS booking system. I believe that over time it will improve even better, such ticket reservations would certainly be of benefit. Prices can be compared with other competing sites, e.g. booking.com.