Residual monthly income is always paid on the 15th. days each month. It belongs to members who have a higher position than the 'Starter'. You must confirm it in order to claim. It will then be credited to your account in the 'Account balance'. Payment is made in business points (BP = business points), the transfer is a ratio of 10 BP = 1 Eur. It is one of the bonuses that Crowd1 offers and distributes the company's profit to it. Another regular bonus is the payment of C1 Rewards, which you can read about elsewhere.

What are the levels of each position? You can find the answer to this question in your account under the tab 'Bonus' – 'Network levels', or in Czech 'Bonuses' – 'Network level'.  Your level is affected by the number of points from the binary bonus, ie. People who sign up under you or upgrade their membership to a higher package. For all this, you will receive, in addition to the rewards in the binary bonus, also points to the network. Your position increases as the network develops below you, not only because of the members you have registered, but all the members in the network below you who register. For completeness, I will mention the BP points in the binary bonus and the points you will receive in C1Rewards for registering individual packages:

White = 90 BP 50 C1R

Black = 270 BP 150 C1R

Gold = 720 BP 500 C1R

Titanium = 2250 BP 1750 C1R

Depending on which package you choose, so many points will be credited to the C1 Rewards and rewards will be paid from them. You confirm points in C1 Rewards every week and increase according to how many members you have personally registered. This is a Streamline bonus, it's already described on the site.

So Residual monthly income is one of the bonuses that the company offers and is paid monthly. You must have at least one left and right member registered to qualify for the bonus and be at least Team Leader 1. Most members of our team meet the point condition, but they lack at least one member in the right branch and one in the left branch. Now is a great opportunity to use the code for registration in Life TRNDS, which will be sent to the GIFT code section after successful registration. It will take a while, so keep an eye on your account and the 'NEWS' section so you don't miss out on this opportunity. I believe that you will find at least one individual who will be interested in the project, and if you do not want to pay for the code, you can provide it as a gift.

The video clearly shows how the residual income in the mobile phone is confirmed – the Crowd1 mobile application. If you don't have it, you can download it by clicking on the appropriate icon at the bottom of the page. It is available for Android and iOS (Apple)

Of course, you will say that 27 BP is 2.7 Euro, that it is not worth it. For Team leaders, the amount will be about 10 times lower. But we are at the beginning and the company is starting up. I mentioned once that it's a long-distance run. Whoever creates a good starting position now, will not have to 'catch up' later, although it is possible, but it will be more difficult. If I compare the increase between May and June 2.46 to 2.58 Eur = 4.87%. The increase for June in my case is from 2.58 to 2.71 euros, ie. 5.01%! If it goes on at the same pace, I will be satisfied and I will not be angry at all 🙂