Crowd1 yield simulation

Because I like the things planned, I created a simulation of the proceeds from the Crowd1 project based on previous experience. The simulation is based on the announced exchange rate on June 15, 2020, which was 0.001. For many, it was disappointing, but the company showed that the distribution of profits is transparent. I used the following input parameters for the simulation. Maximum use of the Streamline bonus, ie. 15 members of Titan in the direct line, 10,000,000 members registered worldwide after me. According to the number of worldwide member registrations, I am expected to reach 10,000,000 sometime in March 2021. To do this, I will adjust the gradual registration of members so that the Streamline bonus can be used to the maximum. The weekly reward from the Streamline bonus also corresponds to the growth of the membership base. The simulation assumes an increase in the exchange rate in the variant by 5% or 10%. The whole calculation is stored in an Excel table and it is not a problem to process the simulation for any change of course. I assume that the exchange rate will not fall, but only rise, as has been declared several times. We will find out on September 15, 2020 what the next announced exchange rate will be. The simulation is created for a period of 4 years, of course, the assumption of further growth in the following period, if the company will exist. Gradually, I will update the graph with the actual fact and you can see how accurate my estimate is.


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